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Roof Windows RADIAL Cacak, Serbia

roof windows

Sime Sarage street, No 31A, 32000 Cacak, Serbia

Radial Cacak - telephones

++381 (0) 32 55 78 400
++381 (0) 63 604 803
++381 (0) 64 88 34 590
FAX:+381(0) 32 55 78 188


Radial roof winodws

Radial Roof Windows

There is growing trend of adding additional top floors on various flat-roof buildings, accompanied by an increased conversion of attic spaces into residential premises, with an aim of maximum utilization of the living space.
In the light of these tendencies, the Radial roof windows represent a must-have element of the modern urban living.
The Radial roof window is a new-generation window, fully responding to all the various requests of the users. Its modern design represents an advanced solution and the elimination of all of the shortcomings of the old-generation roof windows.
The installation is quick and easy, regardless of the type of the roof structure and the existent roof covering.

Technical description

Window frame and sash are made of high-quality glued laminated, colourless impregnated pine wood.
External elements of the window are protected against the weather impact with a casing made of aluminium tin, plastic-coated in a dark brown colour.
Glazing in the base variant is high-quality thermo-insulating glass, 24mm thick (flot+16+low-emission).
The roof window possesses additional sealing capacity, provided by the durable sealing strips, enabling excellent air-tight sealing in the extreme weather conditions.
The functionality of the window is secured by the high quality hardware components installed.

Specific features

The tinplate casing has no visible fastening screws and enables noise-free opening and closing.
The design of the lower part of the sash, with a double tinplate finish, enables the condensed water to drain out.
The four-part tinplate casing features advanced design solutions and enables water-tightness regardless of the type of the roof covering applied.
The central frame reinforcements are made of steel components, fixed with rivets and enabling ultimate reliability. The design supports the opening of the sash at an angle of 180°, while it can be fixed-open in any position ranging from 0 - 120°. The separation of the middle part from the supporting segments of the frame is fast and easy, enabling easy and quick removal of the window sash.
The main and the assistant handle are made of aluminium alloy, finely processed and with smooth edges. The rail and the supporting elements of the casing are made of industrial plastic material of an outstanding mechanical quality.
The design of the upper segment of the window allows for the rolling shutter to be installed underneath the tinplate casing, without removing the adjacent roof section.

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Identification data, PEPDV Form
Identification data, PEPDV Form